Surprisingly, it's our official name. My dad even has it as an email address, in fact. And while it's crazy, it's also a stinkin' lot of fun. Here's the rundown....

  • my parents got married in August 1989
  • had my sister Marci in June 1990
  • I was born in July 1991
  • along came the first son, Adam, in October 1992
  • Nickolas was born in January of 1994
  • John Robert came a while later, in December 1999
  • and lastly, Marshall was born in May of 2001

I know. That's a lot of kids pretty close together in age. There's a pretty big gap in between Nick and John, which resulted into us being categorized: the girls, the big boys, and the little boys. It's a little weird, because us big kids used to be our own little group. See, weren't we adorable?!

And then John and Marshall followed suit, so they're almost like our kids in a way. I mean we raised them practically. 

But they're a lot of fun. It must be nice for them, having people who can take them off for a weekend just to hang out. I guess there are perks to having such older siblings who can do stuff like that with you.

So, you can catch some more pics of my family over on the Holidays of 2011 page. But I wanted to share these next few pics just because, my siblings and I are weird. You see, it all started at my Uncle's wedding a few years back. We were posing for this shot and bam! Nick popped in out of nowhere. Well needless to say, it's kind of our 'signature shot' now. We try to get one at every event we remember to....remember being the key word there. Well anywho, here's the original masterpiece:

 And here's at Marci's wedding in June 2010:

I know there's a couple more somewhere, but I can't seem to get my hands on them right now. Oh well.

And here, are my lovely parentals.....


You can see we have a lot of fun :) My mom, sister, and I also established a signature pose:

Silly Willis'. So there you have it, my crazy awesome family. And just to end on a good note, here's some recents of all of us kiddos.