Thursday, January 19, 2012


Get it, get it? Cause we went to the Re-Store and also I re-stored something to use. Ha!

So, doubles.

Still no?

Well fine, I'll explain it all in depth. Don't worry, I was going to anyway.

Alrighty so, as mentioned in a previous post, my sister and I ventured out on our own last Friday and hit up a bunch of places. One of those was the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Ever been to one? Let me show you some of the awesomeness...

Yeah. Lots of good stuff to pick from. Personally, I REALLY wanted to splurge for these great deals (seems ironic, doesn't it??? splurging for deals. oh well, I'm a college kid after all):

Check out this awesome little chair.

Which wouldn't be complete without Marci modeling it, of course! 
This wood/glass bookcase was $30.

I SO wanted this over the toilet shelf, but for $20, I just couldn't force myself to give in. 

This was a STEAL, at only $2.50! I loved it, but I wasn't sure where I'd put it in my apartment, so I held off for now.

And besides just visiting the awesomeness of the Re-Store, we did have a mission. See, I had spotted a nifty little project over on Pinterest of course, both here and here. And so, thanks to all the jewelry I've collected, which is A LOT, I decided to do a mash up of both. Nifty.

First off was finding a good frame to use. I stopped by a thrift store here in Houston and somehow came across the PERFECT one: it was big, white (which just meant I wouldn't have to paint it since that's what I was going for), and empty. Amazing. Plus, it was only $3.98. Minus a discount of the day deal, I ended up paying $3.40. What a steal.

Then on Friday, I was on the lookout for a good siding panel to match. I had plans, I tell you. And since the Re-Store is awesome, I came across this bin full of them.

And soon I found the perfect one. Oh, did I mention that I ended up paying a total of .54 cents for it? Woohoo!

So next step was to find some good ole drawer knobs to attach. Out of the entire display, I only found two that were suitable to my tastes for the project. They were both wooden, and would have been easier to paint than any brass ones I had found.

Also, over by the knobs, we found this stack of lamp shades for only $2 a pop.
Imagine all the possibilities! Marci was most excited I think ;)

So after some careful consideration, I decided ix-nay on the knobs there, and decided to opt for a chance that we would come across something good at Hobby Lobby. So off we went.

I was a little worried that we wouldn't make it after Marci had some troubles figuring out left from right. But don't worry, after a little trick we learned in elementary school, we were back on track.

And can I just say: Best. Craft. Store. Ever.

Seriously, look what I came across!

Anyone who knows me can imagine how much I was freaking out at the idea of bordering everything I owned in as much Little Mermaid as the $2.15 clearanced roll would allow. Alas, Marci convinced me that better things could come of the money, so I sadly left it there for anyone who's interested.....

Unfortunately, I also came up short in my finds at Hobby Lobby that day. Nothing fit what I was looking for to make my jewelry holder work like I wanted. And then, I remembered that my wonderful Mother had bought me some shower hooks a while back that I hadn't used, and probably wouldn't just because of the way my curtain hangs now. So after some careful consideration, I deemed them worthy for the job. Total cost = $0. Even better.

Finally, for the last step of the project, I needed to acquire some screen. Now it should be noted that I was on the lookout at both the Re-Store (in the form of an old screen door) and at Hobby Lobby. But still nothing. So when Marci suggested Lowe's, I thought, "Sure, why not?" And of course, we came across the perfect roll for my project. Also (doubles again!) I was in need of some that I could cut to cover the windows in my apartment. They're the old school half-of-the-window-vertically-pops-out kind, and so during this wonderfully chilly weather, I haven't been able to keep my windows open at night due to the bugs that I know would try to take over in my sleep. So this was just what I needed! Total cost with tax = $6.47

So, that's that! All materials acquired. And of course, I'm going to ask you to come back tomorrow for a tutorial and revealing of the awesomeness :) 

Until then,

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