I Just Want To Be There

...when the morning light explodes. On your face it radiates, I can't escape. I love you 'till the end. 

No, not you. That's a reference to Joshua. Unless you are my Joshua reading this in which case, yes, it's you. Love You 'Till The End is the title of an awesome song by the Pogues that I love, and have 'applied' to our relationship. Which is what this page is about....

Joshua and I, as mentioned on my About Me page, met when he moved to my town in 4th grade. Our parents were both teachers and our little brothers best friends. I won't go into gushy detail about all the happenings of us, but I will say that after we both put up a good stubborn fight, we started dating our senior year of high school. And amazingly, we ended up at the same college, too. Go us! Well really, go God! Because it was all Him.

Now, Joshua is youth pastor at our church back home and I am a Project Manager for the Web Services department here at UH. For someone so young in ministry, Joshua does a phenomenal job! He is definitely gifted at what he does, and I am so proud of him. Here's a link to his youth's website, just in case you're curious about what he does. And just a warning, he may not have it updated at this time, it's a pretty busy time....a lot of the time!

We're lucky enough to both have great families with whom we both get along with. It's a big deal to us, and while we've experienced a few bumps with that, there haven't been any falling outs.

So now, here are some pics of Joshua and I, in no particular order, throughout our years together.





And I'm sure I'll be adding many more! ;)

So in a nutshell, that's us. Have questions? Just ask!