Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bring on the Scheduling

Oh school. It's baaacckkk. Well, almost.

And since I'm still waiting on my financial aid to come through, I decided I'd go ahead and get my classes all ready to go in my shopping cart online. So, after a BUNCH of rearranging, switching classes, class times, and professors, making sure that they had good ratings (thank you!), I finally came up with this...I give you, the official Spring 2012 Schedule of Jessica!

And it's nicely color coded, of course. I decided I'd hurt my eyes looking at a bright red for UH (Go Coogs!), so opted for a paler version instead. And no schedule looks complete without the 'official business colors' of blue and gray.

So....that's not too bad, right? I'm maxed out for work at 20 hours (which should be getting moved up, hopefully, thanks to a they even have those officially? anyway...) and I'm taking a full load of 12 hours, as opposed to my norm 15, to hopefully boost my GPA this semester.

Fingers crossed!


1 comment:

Marci Chadwell said...

I like how you worked our lunch break in for Mondays and Wednesdays :-)