Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girl's Night Part 2 (AKA: Pony's Revenge!)

Alright, well I know it looks like I've been skipping out on you, but it's just been so busy! So here's a quick rundown of what happened:

  • My weekend actually started on Friday (woohoo!) which means Thursday night after babysitting, I spent the night with my lovely sister and her husband in their cozy little apartment in Sugarland
  • Friday, my sister and I hit up the local Re-Store (awesome, btw...) and then went into Houston to tour campus, hit up Hobby Lobby and Lowe's, and experience Rice Village
  • Saturday we went home to watch my oldest younger brother coach my youngest brother's basketball game (confusing, I know!) and then I attended game night with our awesome pastor and his family, along with the Bruce clan
  • Monday (late night) I got back to Houston
  • Tuesday, classes started at UH (I took off work cause I knew it'd be crazy busy)
  • And then today (Wednesday), started my first full day of classes/work/crazy schedule
Oh, and did I mention that I'm having financial aid issues throughout all this? Quite stressful to say the least. 

Right-o. So, Thursday night. Girl's Night Part 2. Also entitled Pony's Revenge. I know, sounds ominous. So turns out that Trisha (the same one from Girl's Night Part 1) accompanied me on my weekly babysitting journey for our BSM director and his wife. Their kids (6, 4, and 8 months) are great, but I'll try to leave out names since I don't have permissions.

Anywho, during our playtime with the enormous (no lie) My Little Pony collection, the poor ponies fell under attack. As you can see here, the bad guys started their attack:

However, they were obviously outnumbered!

There's no way these girls were letting those bad guys take the Cotton Candy Cafe.

But somehow, they managed to capture our allies. Hmm...

You can see the casualties we encountered. Obviously, they put up quite a fight. 


 Here's a good action shot of the battle playing out....

And what, you might ask, was my role in all this? Just the camera girl??? Well I daresay not!

Someone's got to keep up the girls' hair, afterall.

These were just a few of my clients:

 (Minus Minty, the green one of course, who jumped in there at the last second apparently) ^^^

So as you can see, we had a blast. Shout out to those awesome kids, they have quite the imaginations!

Keep checking back for more updates from this weekend, which I'll share throughout the week :)

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